Wing Designation Name of the Employee Phone Number E-mail
Dr. NTR Vaidya Seva Trust Chief Executive Officer

Shri. Dr A.Ravi Shankar, I.P.S

Administration & HR Executive Officer D.Rama Krishna Rao 8333817330
JEO(Admin & HR) Paul Sudhakar B 8333817321
Dy.E.O(NT- HR) P.V.D.Vasudeva Rao 8333817449
Dy.E.O(NT-Admin) A.Vijay Kumar 8333817404
Dy.E.O(NT-RTI, Stores) B.Rama Krishna 8333816747
Dy.E.O(NT-Admin) S.Krishna Prasad 7901092783
Dy.E.O(NT) B.Kalpavalli 7901092782
Budget & Finance JEO (Finance) G.V.S.Tirupathi Raju 7901092800
Dy.F.O (NT) M.Kiran 8333817344
Dy.F.O (NT) K Siva Prasad 8333817396
Project Monitoring Unit - Software GM(PMU) T.Vinod 7901092795
DGM(PMU) S.B.V. Malyadri 8333817456
AGM(PMU) M. Ankaiah 8333817452
Executive C.V. Prasad 7901092779
Executive K. Mudduswamy 7901092776
Executive S.Vamsi Krishna 7901092778
Associate G.Hema Chandra Sekhar 8333817448
Group mail
Network Administrator V.Veera Kumar Reddy 8333817447
Operations wing ( Preauthorisations, Claims and Followups ) EO (Operations) Dr. G.Hymavathi 8333817303
JEO (Tech) Dr. K.V.V.Subramanyam 8333817317
JEO (Tech) Dr. Shashidhar 8333817329
JEO (Tech) Dr. Naga Santosh 8333817319
JEO (Tech) Dr. Nalli Prabavathi 7901092799
JEO (Tech) Dr. Vijay Bhaskar Reddy 8333817347
JEO (Tech) (EHS) Dr. Niranjan Kumar
Dy.E.O(T) Dr. Bala Anjaneyulu 8333817487
Dy.E.O(T) Dr. B Rajesh 8333817356
Dy.E.O(T) Dr. V. Mamatha Priya 8333817466
Dy.E.O(T) Dr. Lenin Raj 8333817325
Dy.E.O(T) Dr. K.Vanisree 8333817375
Dy.E.O(T) Dr. Sharvani 7901092790
Dy.E.O(T) Dr. Pream Chand 7901092781
Dy.E.O(T) Dr Sadanala Sowmya 8333817372
Dy.E.O(T) Dr Tirupati Komal 8333817399
Dy.E.O(T) Dr.M. Praveen Kumar 8333817335
Dy.E.O(T) Dr.Kalasapati S L N Chary 8333817432
Dy.E.O(T) Dr G Sujan 8333817301
Dy.E.O(T) Dr. Radha
Dy.E.O(T) Dr. Sri Kanth 8333817477
Dy.E.O(T)(EHS) Dr. Sri laxmi
Dy.E.O(T)(EHS) Dr.Azmeena Nazreen 8333817324
Dy.E.O(T) - EHS - Dental Dr. K.Girish
Dy.E.O(T) - EHS - Dental Dr. Suresh 8333817350
Dy.E.O(T) - EHS - Dental Dr. Ramnajaneyulu
Dy.E.O(T) - EHS - Dental Dr.Krishna
Dy.E.O(T) - EHS - Dental Dr D Pulla Reddy
DY.E.O (NT) M.Divya Rani 8333817363
CMCO DY.EO (TECH) Dr.P.Radha 8333817352
DY.EO (TECH) Dr.M.Jeevan Kumar
DY.EO (TECH) Dr.Shanthakumari    
Grievance and Customer Care wing General Manager Dr. D.Pavan kumar 9885872323
Dy.EO(NT) A.Vijaya Bhaskar 8333817400
JEO (TECH) Dr. K. Vijay Bhaskar Reddy 8333817347
Planning & Coordination wing Executive Officer(P&C) Dr V Basava Malleswara Rao 7901092796
JEO (P&C) Dr.B.V.Satish Kumar 8333817361
Dy.E.O(Tech-Dental) Dr.B.Manaswitha 8333816748
DY.EO (NT) M.Sekhar 8333817342
Empanelment & Medical Audit wing Chief Medical Auditor(I/C) Dr.B.V.Satish Kumar 8333817361
JEO (Medical Audit)(I/C) Dr.Amrutha Laxmi 8333817353
Field Operations Wing (Back office operations, District Operations & Hospital Coordination) General Manager (Grievance and CC) Dr. D.Pavan kumar 7901092797
Dy.EO(NT) A.Vijaya Bhaskar 8333817400
JEO (TECH) Dr. K. Vijay Bhaskar Reddy 8333817347
104 Sevakendram GM(104 CC)-I/C Dr.B.Shashidhar kumar 8333817329
EHS EO(EHS) Dr.T.Ravi Prasad 7901092801
Dy.E.O(NT) P.Thirumala Devi 8333817338
Executive P.Siva 8333817469
Executive D.Jyotsna 8333817414
Executive E.Srividya 8333817406
Medical Reimbursement JEO (Medical Reimbursement) Dr.K.V.Joga Rao 8333817467
Dy.E.O(T) Dr.Padmaja 7901092780  
Dy.E.O(T) Dr.Ch.Sreekanth Reddy 7901092791  
Dy.E.O(T) Dr.Raj Kumari 7901092788  
Dy.E.O(NT) P.Anuja 8333817451
Executive C Siva Shankar 8333817355
Aarogya Raksha Executive A V Durgarao 8333817403
Aarogya Raksha Grievances Executive P.Siva 8333817469
Executive D.Jyotsna 8333817414
Executive E.Srividya 8333817406
Aarogya Raksha, Thalassemia and Orphans JEO (Aarogya Rakshs, Thalassemia and Orphans) Dr.Ch.Surendra Babu 7901092798
Dy.E.O(NT) P.V.D.Vasudeva Rao 8333817449
Others Vegilance Officer K. Venkata Narayana 8333817322
Legal Officer V.Jawahar Babu 8333817436