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    •                                                  "Corrigendum-II for vacancy notification for the post of District Coordinator - Hyderabad & RangaReddy Districts"(Click here for details)                                                 "Corrigendum-I for vacancy notification for the post of District Coordinator - Hyderabad & RangaReddy Districts"(Click here for details)                                                 "Vacancy notification for the post of District Coordinator - Hyderabad & RangaReddy Districts"(Click here for details)                                                 "Dr NRTVS-S3 -Ophthal Guidlines for treatment of pterygium under AMG S3.2.7 code"(Click here for details)                                                 "Conducting Breast Cancer Awareness and Screening Camps"(Click here for details)                                                                                   "Orientation Program on External Quality Assessment Scheme."(Click here for details)                                                 "Circular note Kaizala app group"(Click here for details)                                                 "Circular Deletion of Claim Trust Doctor (CTD) role in Claims work flow under Dr.NTR Vaidya Seva Trust"(Click here for details)                                                              "Circular for Dr.NTRVST Empanelment Application fee & Specialisation inclusion fee has been increased as per the Government orders "(Click here for details)                                                 "Latest Circular(dated 9-8-17) regarding coverage of hospitals in GHMC limits as per Government orders-attention Hospitals in GHMC"(Click here for details)                                                                                   "Thalassaemia Treatment Card "(Click here for details)                                                                                                                                               Operational instructions  on implementation of Aarogya Raksha Scheme (Click here for details)                                                             "Revision and fixation of Package rate to ‘Maintenance Hemodialysis for CRF' under the Schemes being implemented by Trust" (Click here for details)                                                               Instructions to network hospitals of Hyderabad regarding coverage of specialty as government order (Click here for details)                                                              New Cochlear Technical Committee meeting circular (Click here for details)                                                              Corrigendum Document for appointment of internal auditor (Click here for details)                                                              Corrigendum Document for appointment of Statutory auditor (Click here for details)                                                              Dr NTR Vaidya Seva Trust Android app available in google play store. (Click here to install)                                                               Tender Document for appointment of Statutory auditor (Click here for details)                                                             Tender Document for appointment of internal auditor (Click here for details)                                                             " Dr NTR VS - Circular regarding Allotment of additional CUG mobile numbers for emergency TID approvals (8333817471, 8333817472, 8333817258, 8333817259) " (Click here for details)                                                               Dr.NTR Vaidya Seva Trust has started Online process of Medical Reimbursement from 02.06.2017 for Employees and Pensioners through www.ehs.ap.gov.in                                                              "Seeking Expression of Interest for implementation of Annual Health Checkup under Employees Health Scheme"(Click here for details)                                                "Application are invited from the interested and eligible agencies for conduct of clinical audit."(Click here for details)                                                "Certain instructions to the NWHs which were inactivated in the districts of Telangana other than Hyderabad."(Click here for details)                                                 "Application are invited from the eligible Specialists having MD,MS,DM,M.Ch or DNB qualification for enrolment as Panel Doctors(Consultant) for the Specialities in Variours categories."(Click here for details)                                  Guidelines and circular on Medical Reimbursement(Click here for details)                18.01.2017: Continuation of Employees Health Scheme (EHS) Services. (Click here for details)                             
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