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Phase-II (1st Renewal) - 330 Procedures East Godavari, West Godavari, Chittoor, Nalgonda & Ranga Reddy 05.12.2008 to 04.12.2009
Common Deficiencies:
  1. The bid submitted by the company was not accepted in view of the behaviour of the company during the bidding for Phase-III wherein the company evaded signing of MoU resorting to dilatory tactics and on shifting grounds, leading to delay in launching the scheme. The then committee advised the company may not be invited in future bidding process. Taking into the cognizance of the decision taken by the then Committee and also in the interest of the scheme, the Members of this Committee decided to eschew from the process of the bid, documents submitted by the said Insurance Company at the technical evaluation stage itself.
  2. The Bid is contradictory to the terms of in house services as per clause No. 22 of Bid Document and MoU as it states that service, Issuance of ID Card and claims will be through TPAs.
  3. Financial Bid not submitted and stated shall be submitted separately if agreed by the Trust for the above condition, hence amounts to incomplete bid, As the bid was incomplete it was not evalated further.
  4. Company does not have requisite qualifying criteria of 20 lakh beneficiaries of single Health Insurance Policy
  5. Draft Policy clauses are contradictory to the scheme and does not poses requisite experience the bid was not evaluated further.